Who we are

Nordic Seaweed is borne and bread in the icy cold, pristine oceans of Scandinavia. Quality, taste and health are the pillars of what we do. Our broad range of products are handmade and free from additives and preservatives. We follow sustainable seaweed harvesting practices so we will stand the test of time along with our oceans.

The founders of Nordic Seaweed  are a father and son duo Bjarne and Kristian Ottesen . On their home island of Endlelave in Denmark they were intrigued by the stunning seaweed forest surrounding the island and the vast amounts of seaweed washed up on the shores. This sparked an interest and with some further research into the underwater plants, it became a challenge – they embarked on a quest to make seaweed a household ingredient no matter the origin of cuisine.

Whether it is delicious pesto’s, spices, mustards, beers or raw seaweed salads; Nordic Seaweed can be found in specialty stores around the globe.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Nordisk Tang has a delicious range of packaged consumer products including pesto’s, spices, beers and raw seaweeds.

In addition, we offer private labeling options for most of our products. For further information on our products or private labelling please contact us at: nc@nordisktang.dk

Multipurpose Ingredient
Nordisk Tang’s Multipurpose Seaweed ingredient has a strong sustainability profile and can be used in a variety of innovative ways to give your products an edge. The fermented seaweed powder has benefits such as salt reduction, b-vitamin enrichments, antioxidants, flavor enhancements, a range of essential vitamins and amino acids and is a natural binder

Some applications and benefits include

  • Combining with cold cuts
    • Enhance flavor due to glutamatic acid -UMAMI
    • Reduce salt and nitrate
    • Natural binder.
    • Preservative due to high antioxidants and natural salts.
  • Vegan plant based “meats”
    • Flavor enhancememnt
    • Vitamin B (2 and 12).
  • Fish breading mixes
    • Flavor and binding properties.
  • Baked goods
    • Salt reduction by up to 40-50%.
    • Preserves bread moisture and therefore prolongs the shelf life.
    • Seaweed reacts to the wet gluten, which increases the baking ability.